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B.W. Eavestroughing provides and installs eavestroughs, downspouts and more. We also provide accessories that help strengthen your eavestroughs, making them last longer. The products we carry include:


Eavestroughs play an important part in controlling the flow of moisture away from your roofline and safely diverting drained water away from your foundation. The eavestrough is the most vital component in a structure’s longevity and cosmetics. We offer eavestroughs in 5” residential, 6” residential/commercial and 7” industrial applications.


Downspouts are required for water drainage from eavestroughs, ensuring water is dispersed on the ground in a specific location. We offer downspouts in 2 5/8” residential, 3x3 residential/commercial and 3x4 industrial applications.

Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and Fascia allow protection and ventilation of a structure’s overhang. They are available in aluminum and steel.


Customized metal capping on window and door trims is a maintenance-free solution to painting and staining. Capping also extends the lifetime of exterior structures.

Leaf Guards

Leaf guards provide a maintenance-free option for homeowners who wish to eliminate the need for seasonal eavestrough cleanouts. They are continuous hanger systems that filter out leaves and debris, allowing water to flow through your eavestroughs without clogging. They also prevent ice build-up, and damage to roofs and fascia. Leaf guards can be installed after the eavestrough with a screen on the top, and they are a maintenance-free option for your home or commercial building.



Aim-a-Drain is designed to efficiently disperse water away from foundations. The rotating diverter lifts up and away with a locking pin. You can also rotate the drain for easy yard maintenance. Aim-a-Drain is multi-directional to allow watering of trees, shrubs and filling of rain barrels. This accessory also prevents ground and garden erosion.

Flip-up Zip Hinge

Many homes and buildings have downpipes that must be placed near a walkway, back patio or lawn that must be mowed. Our flip-ups ensure that the downspout extension remains firmly attached to the downpipe to protect your home's foundation, and they provide convenience for moving and working around the downspout extension. Our flip-ups and hinges can be installed by a professional or the homeowner.


Downspout diverters allow you to manually redirect the flow of water – a flip of the lever sends the rainwater down one side or the other. For more information, visit the product page.

Rain Water Collection Systems

We can install a specific downspout installation into barrels to collect and store rainwater. There are a range of different diversion options, barrel options, surface drain pads and splash beds available. We can also supply and install rain barrels and rain pads.

To speak with us about purchasing our products, please get in touch with us.


Protect Your Gutters

Keep your existing eavestroughs free of damage and clogs with our maintenance services.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

We do contract work for homebuilders and general contractors in the Edmonton area.

Have Questions?

We offer free estimates and we’re always happy to discuss your options with you!

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